Giant Snails! (Again)

October 22, 2007 at 1:17 pm (frightening things) ()

We blogged almost a year ago about the giant snails that have infested Barbados. It seems Brazil is now experiencing a similar problem. The giant African land snail was imported to Brazil for escargot. It has now spread across the entire country.

The snail is currently at the height of its invasion, experts say, and the its success makes eradication near-impossible.

Silvana Thiengo is a mollusk expert from Brazil’s national health organization, the Oswaldo Cruz Institute.

“Raining season starts in November, and that’s when they like to [lay] eggs,” she said. “The snails will show up more, so we do expect the situation to get worse.”

The technique for bringing down the population?

Coercing citizens into rounding them up and breaking their shells.


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