October 12, 2007 at 5:40 pm (funny things, stupidity)

Only in a political climate of the kind and level of paranoia, denial, and irrationality we’re now experiencing can the following statement even be conceived of as true (if somewhat hilarious!). The newest medium through which foreign terrorism may be loosed upon the states: gumball machines.

Fear that terrorists could poison children has led three Dover aldermen to begin inspecting gumball machines.

Ha…Oh, dear…

Via Shakesville.


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  1. Life With Buck said,

    And just never mind whatever the hell jawbreakers and gumballs are made from, it’s the Sweet Tart machines with all those loose Sweet Tarts that would make an easy target:

    “Lookey here, Dave, the white powder on all them Sweet Tarts just don’t taste ‘zackly right by me. You give ’em a lick . . .”

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