National Coming Out Day

October 11, 2007 at 3:12 pm (LGBT, movies/video/clips)

Happy National Coming Out Day, everybody! Pam Spaulding has a great post up at Pandagon, as per usual, which I recommend reading.

My coming out story is sort of boring, because everybody — everybody — already knew, and no one really had any reaction at all, other than, “Finally!”

Anyone else care to share? It doesn’t have to be queer coming out, though thats what the holiday’s about… For example, Emily, have you ever had to out yourself as an atheist?

Edited to add this video, via the afore mentioned Pandagon post:



  1. Emily said,

    AHA! It’s finally happened! I posted an entry about this exact thing at the exact moment you did. I can’t believe it took so long for that to happen.

    No, I never did have to out myself as an atheist. Not to my family or friends, anyway, which were the first people that came to mind (of course). My dad is an atheist, and I always just assumed my mom was too and actually, Daisy, this is where the “God must have made you an atheist” thing comes into play big time- I actually have a very distinct memory of being about seven years old and hearing my brother ask my mom if she believes in god and her choosing her words really carefully, obviously trying hard not to influence him either way, saying she “wasn’t sure”…and I remember already feeling very, very strong in my atheist convictions and confused anyone could sincerely ask that question, and it was a lot like the conversation we had about santa claus every winter. Who, incidentally, I don’t think I ever believed in either, even as a toddler.


  2. Daisy said,

    I can’t believe it took that long either! We’ve done a good job. I hope it’s not one of those things where now that it’s happened once it’ll happen all the time (I don’t think it is).

    And, that’s really funny, and really unsurprising.

  3. Daisy said,

    I actually have a sort of similar memory, thought I think I was more like ten, and I asked my mom what happens to people when they die. She said something like, “Well, I don’t know, of course, but I think they’re probably just gone. For example, my dad, that personality… He is gone.” Flipped me right the fuck out.

  4. Emily said,

    Ha, I don’t know how similar that is, really…

  5. Daisy said,

    Well… It’s illustrative of the differences in our worldviews. Similar situation (right?), totally different reactions.

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