OMG- Daisy and I obviously have a soulmate. As a pair.

October 4, 2007 at 3:53 pm (amazing things, art) (, )

I apologize for ripping off Boing Boing for the third post in a row, but WOW. WHY is this the ONE event that I can’t witness in New York? Why?!

Alex Jones’ timely and hilarious post-apocalyptic comedy, CANNED PEACHES IN SYRUP places us in a seemingly absurd and inconvenient future, where water is scarce, the sun has gone crazy and love still survives. In a post-environmental apocalyptic future, the world is divided into two tribes of nomadic humans: Cannibals and Vegetarians. Can star-crossed lovers Rog (think Romeo as a cannibal) and Julie (think Juliet as a vegetarian) cross tribal lines?! Can Rog’s taste for flesh be suppressed?! Can Julie deny her parents’ “meat is murder” mantra?! And, who exactly is Blind Bastard? A lone can of peaches in syrup holds their fate…and the fate of all mankind…

Did you follow that link? I am IN LOVE.



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