The Micropolitan Museum of Microscopic Art Forms

September 28, 2007 at 4:04 pm (amazing things, art) ()

From Boing Boing, take a look at The Micropolitan Museum of Microscopic Art Forms, which is pretty much what it sounds like: galleries of images of incredibly beautiful things that are incredibly small, including tiny animals and sections of plants. There are tons of them, and they’re stunning. It’s just about my new favorite place on the internet. I spent a long time trying to pick which few to show you here, there are so many gorgeous ones. And, bonus, they’re all arranged into exhibitions with clever alliterative names.

This is one kind of water flea:


And these are radiolaria, single-celled aquatic animals:


And this is Red Algae:


The fact that everyone of these lovely forms is something wandering around out there naturally just blows my mind. The world is really an incredibly beautiful place. Things like this make me glad to be here.



  1. Maia said,

    Thanks for letting me know Daisy! Can you believe that these things are ALIVE and swim around! *hearts*

  2. Maia said,

    well i guess plants dont swim….sorry.

  3. Maia said,

    haha, i am commenting a lot, but i just went to the sight and wanted to tell you guys that i had to identify several of these marine larvae for my last Intro to Marine Science lab, in which we got to look at two plankton samples (one collected the night before lab, and one from about an hour before the lab) under a microscope. You have no idea how amazingly cute a snail viliger looks swimming around in a slide (they are gastropods, and look quite similar to the gastropod photo on the sight). Anyway, we saw mostly copepods which are really intense because they have one central, red eye. But yes, if you asked me to identify a zoea or a megalopae (crab larvae) or a nauplii (barnacle) i should be able to. I cant believe they swim around for long months and sometimes Years that little! ^__^ haha, what the hell am i doing in science…i am crazy. I have an exam on diatoms next wed. Ah!

  4. Daisy said,

    Maia! I can’t believe those things are alive and swimming around… It’s amazing that looking at them counts as schoolwork! Right up there with Brenden getting credit for playing music and me getting credit for reading feminism.

    : )

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