Plastic-Bag Peonies

September 21, 2007 at 1:13 pm (neat things)

I usually hate fake flowers, but these are too eco-friendly to resist: plastic posies! (Via.) Squeeze a plastic bag — preferably a colored one — into a strip; fold the strip in half twice; tie it in the middle; cut a little off both ends; fluff; enjoy.


I really like them.



  1. Santadelic said,

    This could have been food if you ask me. In your profile you wrote you are concerned about meat and its consumption. Does that mean you like it or you dislike it? I hope this is not a political question :p

  2. Daisy said,

    Hi there, Santadelic!

    Emily and I have both been vegetarians for some time now. We each have our own personal reasons, but some central issues are: the evils of factory farming; the big carbon footprint of meat compared to other products; and the disturbing similarities between animals’ bodies and our own.

    So, we personally dislike meat, and we think eating meat is generally a less responsible choice than vegetarian options. I say generally less responsible because there are sustainable ways to eat animals, and because some people would be much less healthy without some meat in their diets.

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