What world is this?

September 17, 2007 at 7:56 pm (administrative business)

Our Descent Into Madness is the #1 google hit for queries such as “post-mortem portraits” and “healthy human flesh alternative.”

So I can check that item off my list of life-goals.



  1. frecklescassie said,

    I am #1 on google images for newspaper and Tigger. Gets a lot of hits, but probably not from the people who would read my posts!

  2. MommaSteph said,

    You know I had to check out those google hits!

  3. Daisy said,


    Thanks for keeping me on my toes, Stephanie.

  4. “#1 On Google” Meme « Our Descent Into Madness said,

    […] pm (neat!) Unlike most internet memes, I think this one is pretty fun, and as I’ve already patrially done it, I’m going to do the whole thing. The idea is to find five statements which give your blog as […]

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