Reasons Not To Kill Yourself Or Anyone Else

September 8, 2007 at 3:56 pm (80 Proof, amazing things, movies/video/clips)

I just made our first youtube playlist, Reasons Not to Kill Yourself Or Anyone Else. It’s a bunch of videos of lovely things that I think might make you not feel as much like destroying something. Lots of bioluminescence and sea creatures, of course, but also time-lapse videos of plants, the aurora borealis, and more. Here’s the first one:

Check the rest out.



  1. mike said,

    LIfe is just a game and there is no real reason to live your going to die anyways so whats the point.What effect can one man do nothing, but what can a bunch of men do? They put the wourld in a complete disasterous form with nuclear-power plants and missles, ocean pollution, global warming, creation of guns and other weapons, crap religions that just make-up a story for people to live a lie that doesn’t matter in the end, and the destruction of harmless things. What good is religion anyway if all it does is make a man in a false pretense that is supposedly there to help him only if they do something for him, just so they can go to a form of some heaven where all the amazing materialistic things that they strived for won’t be with them. And if GOD is out there why does he let his people get stepped on and spit in the face. Why, because if he does exist he cares less about what happens to this world he just sits back and watches until this world dies so he can creat another for his pleasure. The last thing I have to say is see all in the world, do whatever you want to do, and then find a place to rid yourself , but only after living life to when even the most amazing things to bore you like they do me. The only reason I still live is so that maybe I may see my childs beautiful face, raise him, and set him on a path to the good things in life.

  2. Daisy said,

    Hey Mike, thanks for commenting. I hear you and I have been where you are.

    The fact is that you’re right. I hope that you, like me and many brave souls before us, can find a way to experience life as lovely and meaningful even in the face of recurring atrocities, corrupt bullshit religions, and all the rest. I do it with a combination of wonderful friends and youtube videos of sea creatures.

    Good luck, comrade!

  3. Daisy said,

    Mike, I’ve deleted your additional comments due to the death-threats. For future reference, most bloggers will block you if you threaten them. We adhere to that policy.

  4. UnderMyStairs said,

    I love u <3 lol. I watched all ur videos, relle somethin u got there. I apprecitae ur effort here

  5. Daisy said,

    Hi there, UMS — thanks for watching and thanks for the comment. : )


  6. UnderMyStairs said,

    lol np. i figured u needed 1 other than that 1 guy lol not bein so nice

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