“Baby Squid, Born Like Stars”

September 8, 2007 at 12:45 am (amazing things, movies/video/clips) ()

Is this video magical or gross?




  1. awriterinthedesert said,

    Very cool. The music helped, it was perfect for this. I liked it even though the squid does look a little like a floating organ. It has its own beauty, though. I vote magical.

  2. stylemagazine said,

    Even if it wasn’t for this enchanting melody, I would still consider the birth of baby squids a miracle of the Mother Nature. The birth of any living being is magical by itself, but this one has really taken my breath away.

  3. Daisy said,

    Yeah, re-watching it this morning, magical was my feeling too.

  4. Tebo said,

    Definitely magical!!!

  5. Emily said,

    Magical…sure. But the soundtrack…?

  6. Daisy said,


    Excellent question…

  7. Fareed said,

    How about, neither magical nor gross, but, as PZ Myers said, “beautiful and entirely, gloriously, perfectly natural.”

  8. SharonO said,

    Totally magical. Wow.

  9. Squidbirth [Pharyngula] · Articles said,

    […] Our Descent into Madness asks whether this is “magical or gross”. You all know the correct […]

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