Norway: No Car is Green

September 6, 2007 at 12:14 pm (neat things) (, )

Norway is enacting new advertising guidelines for auto-companies. They’ve concluded, rightly, that there is no such thing as an eco-friendly car. Emphasis mine:

Cars cannot do anything good for the environment except less damage than others,” Bente Oeverli, a senior official at the office of the state-run Consumer Ombudsman, told Reuters on Thursday.

Carmakers such as Toyota, General Motor’s Opel, Mitsubishi, Peugeot Citroen, Saab and Suzuki had all used phrases this year in advertisements that the watchdog judged misleading, she said.

One Toyota advertisement for a Prius, for instance, described the gasoline-electric hybrid as “the world’s most environmentally friendly car.”

If someone says their car is more ‘green’ or ‘environmentally friendly’ than others then they would have to be able to document it in every aspect from production, to emissions, to energy use, to recycling,” she said.

It’s amazing to see real acknowledgement that being green is about much more than just end-side emissions. Fuel efficiency is an improvement, but it’s not enough, and it’s not worth much when you’re using all the same nasty, wasteful processes to make the damn thing. Not to mentioned when you’re shipping the parts in some gas-guzzler of a truck!


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  1. Jeremy said,

    This is a good bit of common sense. I’m really quite tired of adverts for environmentally friendly motoring, or carbon neutral airlines. Well done Norway, and let’s hope others follow their good example.

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