Inside the stomach of an albatross.

August 30, 2007 at 12:44 pm (environment, frightening things) (, , )

[Image removed at the request of the copyright holders. You can see it here. We apologize for using it without permission.]

Photo credit: David Liittschwager and Susan Middleton

This is what Cynthia Vanderlip, the manager of the State of Hawaii’s Kure Atoll Wildlife Sanctuary, found after cutting open the body of a dead albatross.


Via Treehugger.



  1. Jessie said,

    hot damn!

  2. Susan Middleton said,

    These are copyrighted images which have not been authorized for use on this site.
    Please remove them immediately. I am one of the copyright owners, and all legal rights to these images are retained by the copyright owners. Permission for use was neither sought or granted.

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