Capitalism will kill us “spiritually, politically, literally.”

August 26, 2007 at 3:19 pm (amazing things) (, )

From Hoyden About Town, check out this fucking sweet article by Robert Jensen about the evils of industrial capitalism and how to effectively argue against capitalism to people who have been ruthlessly brainwashed in its favor (i.e. everyone). Emphasis mine:

Capitalism — or, more accurately, the predatory corporate capitalism that defines and dominates our lives — will be our death if we don’t escape it. Crucial to progressive politics is finding the language to articulate that reality, not in outdated dogma that alienates but in plain language that resonates with people. We should be searching for ways to explain to co-workers in water-cooler conversations — radical politics in five minutes or less — why we must abandon predatory corporate capitalism. If we don’t, we may well be facing the end times, and such an end will bring rupture not rapture.

Here’s my shot at the language for this argument.

Capitalism is admittedly an incredibly productive system that has created a flood of goods unlike anything the world has ever seen. It also is a system that is fundamentally (1) inhuman, (2) anti-democratic, and (3) unsustainable. Capitalism has given those of us in the First World lots of stuff (most of it of marginal or questionable value) in exchange for our souls, our hope for progressive politics, and the possibility of a decent future for children.

In short, either we change or we die — spiritually, politically, literally.

Definitely read the whole thing, and then go read the 80 Proof version of the same ideas.



  1. fitnessfortheoccasion said,

    Definitely “fucking sweet”. Well said.

  2. Gonzo said,

    Capitalism is like an expanding balloon. The bigger it gets the more pretty pictures you can draw on the surface. As it gets prettier everybody wants more lovely pictures, which is possible as long as you can keep blowing up the balloon………

    Everybody laughs at panda’s because they will make themselves extinct if they don’t start making sweet love. No creature in the history of the planet will snuff themselves out as efficiently as we will.

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