“That’s war.”

August 21, 2007 at 12:59 pm (frightening things) ()

From Feministing, I’ve just been watching this video of Feministing’s Ann Friedman on CNN…

It’s pretty awesome to see bloggers on CNN, especially one of my favorites. I’m posting, though, because of one totally disturbing exchange that happens about halfway through the video.

CNN: Did it bother you at any point that, in at least the one interview that I watched today, that [Karl Rove] didn’t seem to acknowledge, in defending the administration’s policy in Iraq, didn’t seem to acknowledge the human toll that this war has taken, not only on US service personnel but Iraqis?

“Independent social conservative” La Shawn Barber: Well, well you know, that’s war. Um, the fact that Karl Rove–

CNN: You can acknowledge it, can’t you?

Barber: Well yes I can acknowledge it, definitely–

CNN: You can be human about it, can’t you?

Barber: But why he chose not to acknowledge it today on the talk shows, that’s something that only he can answer.

(Barber isn’t a fan of Karl Rove, but she does go on to mention “the threat of global Islamic terrorism.”)

In short: No, it didn’t bother her at any point to hear Rove talking about thousands of dead US soldiers and hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis (what else is one talking about when talking about the war at all?) without acknowledging the absolutely enormous “human toll” that this is, without “being human” about it. Why? That’s war. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people die for no good reason (at least in the case of this war), but don’t sweat it, it’s cool — that’s war. That is what war is, conservatives readily admit. When people are not expressly anti-war, this is exactly what they support, condone, excuse, and celebrate: the brutalization and murder of innumerable innocent people. You can acknowledge it, but even that teenie tiny fragment of decency is 100% optional.

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