Lunar Ark

August 19, 2007 at 8:45 am (frightening things) (, , )

The Alliance to Rescue Civilization (ARC) is proposing we build a lunar “ark,” filled with all of Earthlings’ favorite things, to keep on the moon for preservation in case of disasters on Earth like nuclear war or asteroid hits.

Burke, once a project manager on some of the earliest American lunar landings, now heads an ISU study on surviving a collision with a near-Earth object.

An impact of the size that wiped out the dinosaurs hasn’t happened since long before the rise of humans, he pointed out.

Yet scientists’ expanding knowledge of asteroids and craters left throughout the solar system has created a consensus that Earth remains vulnerable to a civilization-crushing collision.

This calls for the creation of a space age Noah’s ark, Burke said.

Of course, this is my favorite part:

Laying the foundation for “rebuilding the terrestrial Internet, plus an Earth-moon extension of it, should be a priority,” Burke said.

The founders of the group Alliance to Rescue Civilization (ARC) agreed that extending the Internet from the Earth to the moon could help avert a technological dark age following “nuclear war, acts of terrorism, plague, or asteroid collisions.”

The ark would also hold information about various Earth cultures, art, history, seeds, etc. But then Burke gets a little carried away.

If the international lunar outpost of the 2020s expands into a colony and then a city, “it is possible that a whole new phase in civilization may develop—the branching of history into one stream on Earth and another on the moon,” ISU’s Burke added. (Read: “NASA Aims to Open Moon for Business” [July 25, 2006].)

This “dual-world expansion” could be within reach by the end of this century, he said.

I’m not so into that. But I do like arks.

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