It’s not vulgar, but the opposition is.

August 17, 2007 at 10:43 am (injustice, politics, sexism) (, , , , )

This billboard in Manhattan is awesome:

Finally, a billboard that speaks truth to the masses. Not surprisingly, the anti-choice Catholic League and the Roman Catholic group, among others, I’m sure, are up in arms about it and encourage their followers to complain to Manhattan Mini Storage and tell them to take it down.

So, in the name of health care and human rights for all, do the opposite. Contact the company yourself and thank them for reminding pro-choicers to stay active and inspired, and for not suppressing accurate information and compassionate sentiment because some think that religious belief provides a valid reason to deny women command of their own bodies.

In the words of Feministings’ Jessica: You know what’s really vulgar? Women dying from illegal abortions. So seriously, fuck you.

Not to mention, you know, billboards like this, which are notably offensive and from which the public would actually benefit were they to be targeted and gotten rid of:

Oh, silly me. I forgot for just a moment that the vast majority of “pro-lifers” (HA) don’t give a shit about the lives of the already living. Especially if they’re women and children.

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