More attempted fusion of women and dolls.

August 14, 2007 at 8:44 pm (frightening things, sexism) (, , )

Yep, another blog entry about dolls and patriarchy. They just don’t seem to cease rearing their ugly heads this week, do they?

Says Erica at I’m Sick of Your Insane Demands:

Does your girlfriend look too much like… you know… an actual girl? Do you wish she looked more like, say, a blow-up doll?

Say no more; the “Dolly” catsuit is “the ultimate love doll suit,” complete with open crotch, fuck-me mouth, and a “surprised expression.” Doesn’t she look like she’s having fun?

Now, really. I try to remain free of judgement when it comes to peoples’ personal sex ideals. But it is one thing to fuck a sex doll, and another to ask a sexual partner (or think that it’s alright for a sexual partner) to wear something that is inherently demeaning of their humanity. Right?

Why have sex with someone acting as an inanimate object, thus degrading them as people, rather than just having sex with a piece of plastic/rubber in the first place? Unless that degradation is the point?

Which, given the gender system we all live under that says women should not have sex but be fucked (or that they should be submissive to men in all contexts, and these dolls are definitely geared toward men), I must conclude that this is the case.

Because didn’t you know? Living to serve others who disrespect you is sexy.



  1. Brendenator said,

    They are so scary, they look like their expressions look like they are going to be raped. And why are they wearing shoes and nothing else? And they are bald. Gross. Totally disturbing. Are they possitionable? thats disturbing too.


  2. Emily said,

    Yeah, note the “surprised expression.” Ew.

  3. Cris said,

    Who was it said: “Woman is the n—-r of the world?”

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