Treehugger smugly states the obvious, offers nothing else.

August 10, 2007 at 10:52 am (politics, stupidity)

I love Treehugger, but this article pissed me the hell off. With the invitingly positive title “How To Make Sustainable Housing Happen” and an intro paragraph about how difficult (impossible) it is for working and middle class folks to get access to green housing in the US, I thought it might be packed with helpful suggestions about, well, “How To Make Sustainable Housing Happen.”

Instead, it was something of a pointless tirade detailing how most people in Britain can easily afford to build their own sustainable homes, because the government has stepped in to make that possible, unlike the US government which is (news flash!) basically evil and incompetent.

One of the big failures in the Prefab movement in North America is that it is not just about a house, it is about a delivery system, that includes, land, financing, construction and regulation to ensure that the playing field is level. In the UK they have that; in the USA, the lenders are all going bankrupt because of subprime loans to unqualified buyers of monster homes in tract subdivisions. What a different world.

Thanks! We had no idea!

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