All the front-running presidential candidates are cowardly capitalists without an upstanding bone in any of their bodies.

August 10, 2007 at 2:11 pm (LGBT, politics) ()

Salon has an interesting little summary up (click through the ad) about the recent HRC panel of Democratic candidates on queer issues. Actually, it was a nonpartisan panel, but, in a shocking turn of events, not a single Republican accepted the invitation. It’s almost like all the Republican politicians are conservative bigots pandering to the craziest fundamentalist fascists in the world or something.

Anyway, not surprisingly, everyone of the major candidates weaseled right the fuck out of all their purported liberalism and decency. Bill Richardson did too, which doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, because he told me to my then-fifteen-year-old face (and Emily’s too) that he thought it was a good idea to deny me rights based on his religious beliefs. (I’ve come to the conclusion lately than many so-called Christians* are actually too stupid to understand the Constitution. Seriously. It’s not their fault. They’re just, well, stupid and completely lacking in reading comprehension skills. Probably because they were “educated” in the industrial factory we in the States like to call “public education.”)

I am pissed the fuck off that the people who pass as liberals in this country think that I should be less of citizen, that my feelings are less real and meaningful, my commitments less valid. I am pissed the fuck off that a woman and a person of color — two people who surely must know what it means to be degraded and marginalized, unless their exorbitant wealth has shielded them from it — would espouse these beliefs. I am pissed the fuck off that the only two convictions I have (one, that all people are created equal, two, that we should take care of babies) render me some kind fringe radical. What the fucking hell.

Obama said something about how as a person of color he understands the struggles of queer folks. That’s why, as a black man in the US, he thinks separate but equal is a good, fair way to deal with minority groups (i.e., he’s anti-marriage, supporting civil unions). Thanks, Barack Obama, for being such a pandering idiot.

Edwards said that his religious convictions have rendered him anti-monogamy, anti-family, anti-commitment, anti-marriage. Once again, Christianist comrades: SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. The things you think you heard from the fairy in the sky or gleaned from some ancient myth are not a good basis for policy.

Clinton wants to leave it up to the states. Hey, Ms. Clinton, do you remember just a century ago when Carrie Chapman Catt thoght we should continue to leave women’s suffrage up to states? How well did that work for us? Do you think there’s a chance in hell you’d have the shot you have now if feminists had left decisions to states? What about just half a century before that, when we let states make their own choices about slavery?




  1. kevinduong said,

    Let me preface by saying that I completely agree that our nation needs to hurry up and legalize same sex MARRIAGES, and not civil unions. I hope to get to work for the HRC or other similar organizations after I graduate. I’m also a Christian, and I went to public school. Not all Christians and lower-middle class people who go to public schools turn out to be bigots. I’m sure there is definitely a correlation between being Christian and being anti-gay anything, but it’s not a universal sentiment.

  2. Emily said,

    Kevin, thanks for your comment. As co-author of this blog, I feel confident in assuring you that Daisy was talking specifically about those that exhibit the values (or lack thereof) defined below by the asterisk- those that currently seem to outnumber, and definitely overpower, more positive Christian ideals and sentiments, like love and compassion, by acting unconscionably in the name of Christ, and thus attempt to rationalize behavior that isn’t Christian at all for social and political benefit. So of course, you’re right, and I don’t think that the author of this post meant to lump the two (or more) into one group.

    Also, the comment about public schooling was a statement about the public school system itself, not the people that, whether by choice or not, attend such schools.

    Again, thanks for your comment and support.

  3. Daisy said,

    Hi Kevin! As Emily said, I did mean to characterize only those Christians who currently control the public face and voice of Christianity in the US — hateful fundamentalists.

    Regarding the statements about folks with less money and public school — whoa there. I’m from a middle class family (and we’ve been on the sightly lower end sometimes), and I attended nothing but public school from the third grade onward. My experiences therein (though I attended the very best public schools in my state, New Mexico) convinced me that the current education system is a total mess. Many smart people like yourself survive the system just fine, but many others don’t. And it’s private schools too, I just didn’t mention them here — I don’t blame the government for private schools, of course.

  4. Emily said,

    Every day I like Kucinich more.

  5. Daisy said,

    Me too. He’s, you know, a liberal. And a human being.

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