August 6, 2007 at 12:08 pm (movies/video/clips, politics) ()

The newest addition to our required viewing list is Sicko, Michael Moore’s new movie about the sorry state of health care in the US.

Even though Mr. Moore and I agree about nearly everything, his movies tend to really grate on me (and Emily, too). I think it’s the constant references to his working class hometown and insistence that he loves this country. Either you made you point or didn’t, sir, with logic and evidence; your warm fuzzy feelings about our slave-owning Founding Fathers shouldn’t have anything to do with it. You will not save America by re-brainwashing the opiated masses with leftwing propaganda instead of rightwing propaganda — there is nothing revolutionary about that. And at the same time I know we probably need some really effective leftwing propaganda, so, you know, thanks. Keep it up.

Back to Sicko. I loved it. Mr. Moore didn’t annoy me much at all. It was both entertaining and informative. And, like everything I encounter these days, it strengthened my very strong feelings about the evils of capitalism and necessity of a move toward socialism.

As we were leaving the movie, my girlfriend noted, “Gosh, Michael Moore looks old and unhealthy and fat.” Which he most certainly does. It is damn lucky for his career that he’s a heavy* white guy (the very epitome of US Americanness) and not a skinny effeminate guy, or, lord forbid, a woman.

*Not that I think heavy folks have some kind of advantage in general (in most cases it is certainly the opposite), just that in Michael Moore’s case, looking like a “real” American — not one of those elite coastal intellectuals — gets him a long way.

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