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August 3, 2007 at 1:22 pm (administrative business)

Okay, so it was about time. The confusion and hurt feelings in this thread made that very clear. We’ve added a commenting policy to our about page, which I have included below for your convenience.

As long as things remain civil and polite, all readers are welcome to comment with disagreements and dissenting opinions. However, commenters should be aware that debate is in no way the purpose of this blog. Do to our extreme political exhaustion, we will usually choose not to engage such objections, and we may ask you not to post any more comments in the same vein. Please know that we have almost certainly considered your position, read more than a handful of blog posts about it, and discussed it with each other at length, coming to conclusions that satisfy us for now. This is not a reflection on you, your ideas, or your worth as a human. It is not indicative of our feelings about or respect for you. It is indicative of the purpose of our blog, and our current emotional state with respect to defending our core beliefs. Among the topics we especially don’t want to argue about: whether or not anthropogenic climate change is real and/or threatening (we think it’s both), the ethics of abortion (pro-choice), whether or not queers are entitled to rights (they are), whether feminism is good bad or otherwise (good), the nature of sexism (bad for everyone, worse for women), the existence of racism (it very much exists), and whether or not Andrew Jackson committed genocide (he did).

We love our readers. We love hearing from you. We just don’t want to get into a intellectual sparring match with you. That’s what every other blog in the ’sphere is for. Thank you for respecting our wishes.

UPDATE: We’ve added another little something to the policy.

 But, note: if a comment is especially offensive or irrelevant, it may be deleted with no warning or acknowledgment. Our blog, our call.



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