Harry Potter and the Acid House of the Pheonix

July 30, 2007 at 5:11 am (books, funny things, stupidity)

Let me just be clear about one thing: THE HARRY POTTER SAGA IS OVER. Finished. No more. As upset as that makes me (I truly am a huge fan), the idea that the books could continue by the hand of some author other than J.K. Rowling is infinitely more depressing.

All good things come to an end, folks. Deal. Of course, Scholastic disagrees.

U.S. publisher Scholastic naturally has a vested interest in keeping its blockbuster series alive. New books by different authors will help keep sales of the originals strong. That’s why Tom Clancy has allowed other authors to write within his universe. In the science fiction and fantasy world, of which Potter is a part, this is even more typical, as demonstrated by the myriad Star Trek and Star Wars novels on the shelves, not to mention writers who explore the worlds of Isaac Asimov.

The enterprise is officially done for me; sorry Scholastic. Anything more would just be so sub par. That said…this is hilarious:

Book chain Borders polled 1,500 readers in the U.K., and they have some odd opinions about who should take over from Rowling. Their favorite, by far, is Irvine Welsh, author of the drug- and sex-filled novels Trainspotting and Porno.

The guy who wrote Trainspotting!? HA HA! (For those who haven’t read it or seen the movie, it’s pretty raunchy).

Welsh told Borders that he’s “delighted and honored. Harry and his pals are now getting to the age where I feel comfortable taking over.”

This could be a joke…probably I shouldn’t be posting anything at such a sleepy, questionably early hour…but I’m laughing non-stop regardless.

Irvine Welsh…ha ha hah….

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