Vintners Giving Sheep Lithium

July 29, 2007 at 6:56 pm (environment, injustice) (, , )

Sheep apparently do a really good job of getting rid of the weeds in vineyards…and the grapes, too. Well, they did…until vintners started giving them lithium chloride.

After letting the fluffy herbivores gorge themselves on grapes and grape leaves, they slip them a small dose of lithium chloride. The chemical doesn’t harm the sheep, but it does give them a bellyache.

For as long as nine months afterward, they’ll steer clear of all things Vitis, munching only on weeds.

Poor sheep. Seems a cruel way to replace polluting mowers and herbicides. Is it worth it, you think? Surely there must be a better and more natural, more sustainable, solution.

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