Episkin May be Used to Spare Some Non-Human Animals

July 28, 2007 at 9:56 pm (neat things) ()

I think many people (I want to say most, but am feeling pessimistic), if given accurate information, would agree that the majority of animal testing is, with the technology we’ve developed, unnecessary and unjust. Well, they shall be pleased to learn that a replacement method of testing may be on it’s way, and ready for widespread use.

Human skin grown in a laboratory dish is expected to dramatically reduce the need to test cosmetics and chemicals on animals.

Activists say the breakthrough will spare tens of thousands of creatures a year the misery of laboratory trials.

Episkin is already being marketed in Europe, where animal testing for cosmetics will be banned in 2009.

Although I’m usually wary of the implementation of most things that sound even remotely sci-fi, I can’t see how this can be a bad move. It sounds to me like it would not only sock a punch into the side of needless suffering, but would also be more effective because the material is so much closer to that of our skin than the skin of, say, a rodent. Right?

However, even widespread use of Episkin would only sock a punch, not deliver a complete beat down, as animal testing is still required by law for the production of things like pesticides and food.

Eh, let’s take what we can get.

Via Treehugger.


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