Humboldt Squid Conspire to Sabotage Commercial Fishing

July 25, 2007 at 11:32 am (frightening things) (, , )

In a courageous, climate-change induced move, Homboldt squid (a.k.a jumbo squid, a.k.a. Dosidicus gigas, a.k.a. diablos rojos) are “invading” Californian waters, happily consuming the local fish. (We blogged about this back in April, from a more panicked, less commercial angle.) This could provide some unwelcome competetion for commercial fishers. The squid once only swam in warm, equatorial waters, but in recent years have been as far north as Alaska. Emphasis mine:

“Having a new, voracious predator set up shop here in California may be yet another thing for fishermen to compete with,” said the study’s co-author, Stanford University researcher Louis Zeidberg. “That said, if a squid saw a human they would jet the other way.”

…For now.


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