Intellectuals hate America!

July 15, 2007 at 8:20 pm (books, politics, stupidity) ()

Professional crazy person Jerome Corsi has become convinced that the US is going to merge with Mexico and Canada, forming “the North American Union.” US sovereignty will be completely dissolved, the “amero” will replace the dollar, and good, hardworking patriots (cough) will be cruelly disenfranchised by the intellectual elite (you know there is something wrong with your world view when intellectuals are your enemy, right?). From the Salon article

[My book is] about the coming merger with Mexico and Canada. I make the argument that just as in Europe, it was a 50-year stealth plan by the intellectual elites and government officials . . . Multinational corporations and elites pushing to have NAFTA advance into what it is now, the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, ultimately a North American community, and if we don’t stop it it will end up as a North American Union with its own currency, the “amero,” the a-m-e-r-o, replacing the dollar and the other currencies in Canada and Mexico. . . . The United States could remain as a country in a North American Union the same way Italy, France and Germany remain as countries in the European Union, but there’s a significant loss of sovereignty so that now the European Union dictates from the nameless bureaucrats in the working groups in Brussels, in Luxembourg, the laws which the legislatures in the various countries — Germany, France, Italy, etc. — can pass. And if it’s not approved they can’t pass the law. So you basically have a European Union regional government becoming supreme and the governments of the individual countries becoming secondary in sovereignty to the regional government’s dictates and rulings.


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