Action on Colony Collapse Disorder

July 14, 2007 at 4:23 pm (frightening things) (, )

Well, it’s something. From Treehugger:

The Agriculture Research Service, working primarily with scientists from North Carolina State University and Pennsylvania State University, released a 28-page action plan yesterday that proposes to:

• Spend more money: the bee researchers’ current annual $7.4 million budget will be upped by $1 million for work on honey bee health.

• Conduct new surveys: Agriculture Department agencies will work with university researchers to make their surveys more comprehensive by including information about pesticides, pests and environmental stresses.

• Find fixes: officials will place a greater onus on “developing general best management practices” and spreading information through the internet.

Separate from these proposals, Alcee Hastings, a Democratic representative from Florida, has just introduced legislation to allow an additional $7.25 million annually to conduct more research on the so-called “colony collapse disorder.”


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    Hello its Iz’s mysterious boyfriend the one that took her and ran off to ohio. She talks about this website and reads it all the time. So when I found this article in science news Iknew where to send the link. For science!

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