Guys and Dolls

July 11, 2007 at 1:59 pm (frightening things, sexism) ()

If you’ve got the heart for it, here’s a short documentary about guys in, um, relationships with “real dolls.” There’s apparently a whole community of them that I’ve been (blissfully) unaware of. I don’t even recommend it, totally, because it’s so disturbing…but leading others to witness things that cause me disturbance is usually how I get over it.

It’s here if you want to watch it.

Be warned. The whole thing is really upsetting; it makes my stomach and head hurt. It’s equally depressing and frightening. I agree with Jessica of Feministing when she writes that “Fucking a sex toy is fine by me. Calling it your girlfriend and wishing that real women were like dolls (in that they can’t move, talk, etc) is not.”



  1. Devon said,

    well i guess it is really gross but the fact is those lowlifes need a real woman not some doll pretending it is real

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