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June 26, 2007 at 1:30 am (amazing things, movies/video/clips, music, neat things)

The unlikely tale of Juan Mann and the Free Hugs Campaign can be watched here.

Juan Mann started a campaign meant to brighten people’s day- by giving them a hug. Watch strangers cross their personal boundaries, band together when the campaign is threatened, and hug the police despite the officers’ reticence.

This makes me want to move to Sydney.

Also watch Juan Mann and the Sick Puppies being interviewed on the Austrailian news.

Links to this and other Free Hug Campaigns around the globe can be found on YouTube.



  1. Caroline said,

    Isabel, wasn’t I the one who showed you that? I just watched it again, and was remembering that my grandmother showed it to me… lol

  2. Isabel said,

    Probably. I’m sure someone did :o)

  3. Mir B. said,

    This was the one that introduced me to the idea of viral videos. I still can’t make out how a ga-zillion people all hear about something more or less at the same time…

  4. Caroline said,

    Heh, good times, good times…


  5. Isabel said,

    Howzabout this, my obsessive friend- write an article about aisling and I shall post it. Deal?

    And to Mir B. : Do you think that’s the beauty or the scrouge of the internet?

  6. Mir B said,

    definitely on the beauty side. It’s just so curious, what people respond to…

  7. ballgame said,

    There’s a bumper sticker that goes “Hugs are better than drugs”.

    The sad thing is that in too many people’s lives, drugs are more readily available.

  8. Isabel said,

    There’s also a shirt that says “Give hugs, not drugs”… a similar mentality there.

    Well, obviously we should all go out and hug a junkie. I know it would cheer me up.

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