Adventures of the Sleeping Band

June 20, 2007 at 7:58 am (art, music)

And now, per request, Isabel’s first post as a guest blogger- The night a band crashed at her house. And she didn’t sleep. And then her ex threatened to call the cops.

There we were, at Backroad Pizza, a local hang-out spot for discontented youth. Munching on pepperoni and pineapple, listening to some tunes and plotting to overthrow the patriarchy. The performing artists included Meagan Day on the banjo, some sweet keyboard action by Tori, and a couple of crazy cats who had come down from New England.

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This is Linc Halloran, who goes by the stage name Hello Shark, sometimes with others, sometimes solo. Check out Hello Shark’s blog for music and info.

 Linc, Regina, and Co. have now headed down to perform in Colorado Springs, so if you’re out that way try to catch them.

Apparently my father once put up 8 members of a Romanian Punk Rock Band. Having only pulled off a few sweet, slightly indie guitar-playing musicians, I feel decidedly un-hardcore in comparison.


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  1. Jessie said,

    I guess you’ll have to work up to the foreign punk rockers. You took your first step.

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