Two plane tickets and one guest blogger.

June 18, 2007 at 8:14 pm (amazing things) ()

80 Proof is venturing deep into the jungles of Central America to spend some time focusing on our other projects (The Predatory Mollusks’ upcoming album, general survival skills, etc.). We leave tomorrow, the 19th of June, and return on the 10th of July. Between snorkeling and patchy internet access, there will be very little (most likely no) posting from Emily or me during this time.

But fear not! Our dear friend and trusted ally Isabel will take over Our Descent in the interim. Things may be qualitatively different during her reign, but should be quantitatively similar. We are confident that she will do an excellent job.

Farewell. We shall return in good time, filled with strange stories of manatees, coconut trees, and possibly even firsthand encounters with the local cephalopods (we hope!).

— Daisy

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