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June 18, 2007 at 10:20 am (frightening things, injustice, politics, sexism) ()

On July 29, 1994, Paul Hill, a terrorist with connections to the Army of God, murdered physician and abortion provider John Britton, clinic escort James Barret, and seriously injured Barret’s wife- to protect “preborn children.” Paul Hill’s actions helped spur a surge of violence against abortion providers nationwide.

I have just found out, via Pharyngula, that this summer, toward the end of July, Paul Hill’s abhorrent actions will not only be remembered but praised. Fundamentalist Christian groups will gather to celebrate him as a hero and a martyr. The murders of the honorable doctors will be distastefully re-enacted. This is how it’s being spun:

On July 29th, 1994, Paul Hill boldly defended 31 babies from unspeakable violence by killing a paid assassin and his bodyguard. He was arrested, given a sham trial, and executed as a martyr. On the 13th anniversary of Paul Hill’s act of love and mercy, memorial events will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to honor him as God’s man and our hero.

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Paul Hill was a terrorist. What a way to promote life, huh? Paul Hill sympathizers…you are the real terrorist sympathizers.

Let us now remember him for who he was. Anti-woman. Anti-born life. Anti-justice. Anti-health. Pro-violence. Pro-murder. Pro-terror. Pro-hate.

Anti-life. He was scum. And I, for one, don’t miss him at all: nor do I have mercy for his memory or supporters.



  1. Mickbic said,

    One of the problems of Roe versus Wade is no one really took into consideration the tort of negligent infliction of emotional distress. It is this tort which drives the pro-life agenda. Many pro-lifers cannot distinguish between a fertilized egg and a six week old baby. There may be some use in stating that life begins before conception, but women will continue to seek abortions regardless of actions of people like Paul Hill and regardless of when life begins.

  2. Isabel said,

    Thank you for your comments, Mickbic. I honestly do not agree with you that there would be any use at all in stating that life begins before conception. It is a choice between a woman and her body. No one else. Neither the government nor the community regulates how we raise our children, what we teach them, or how many we can have. No one tells us with whom or where or how often we can have sex. There is no law telling us to either use birth control or disregard it. Abortion is a personal choice, and as you said, there will always be some who exercise the right to make that choice. The only way to ensure the preservation of life is to keep/make abortion legal, safe, and recognized as a basic human right.

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    […] times that the “pro-life” banner is a fallacy and that “pro-life” policies (and advocates) hurt, maime, and kill (which is why the phrase about how anti-choicers think life starts at […]

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