The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

June 17, 2007 at 1:28 pm (amazing things, music, neat things) ()

The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra is just too cool. And it’s definitely my favorite orchestra ever.

The Vegetable Orchestra performs music solely on instruments made of vegetables. Using carrot flutes, pumpkin basses, leek violins, leek-zucchini-vibrators, cucumberophones and celery bongos, the orchestra creates its own extraordinary and vegetabile sound universe. The ensemble overcomes preserved and marinated sound conceptions or tirelessly re-stewed listening habits, putting its focus on expanding the variety of vegetable instruments, developing novel musical ideas and exploring fresh vegetable sound gardens.

Via Treehugger.



  1. Jessie said,


    This made me laugh. Pretty amazing

  2. Emily said,

    Did you listen to it? I found it comforting.

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