Deforestation Diesel Kills Orangutans

June 11, 2007 at 9:41 am (frightening things, injustice) (, )

May we destroy no more in our struggle for greener transport.

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  1. Isabel said,

    Sometimes your website makes me cry.

  2. Emily said,

    Aw, Isabel, I’m sorry.

  3. Bob said,

    We have to use this as a spur to achieve dear friends – not just sit and cry. With due respect we conservationists have failed to spread the message well enough yet we have the best of tools right here. We must not preach just to the converted – we do that far too often. Get writing – get active – stop feeling sorry for ourselves – make it a pledge to send items like this to everyone – do it folks don’t just sit and cry. We all feel like crying but that’s a luxury we cannot afford to do. Take it to the World – I am even though I, too, suffer the broken heart.

  4. Bob said,

    Here is one vehicle to further achieve but use every possible avenue including protests to World Governments – we can flick these round the World so easily now. Use chats and anything to spread the word too but don’t just talk with our supporters we have to enter the lions den.

    Here is my blog – enter some comments to stir it along please–;_ylt=Ak2IX5r2tXv6OB8C5MJE6Iq.AOJ3?cq=1

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