Boy Spots Remarkable Animal, Promptly Kills and Eats It

May 25, 2007 at 3:54 pm (stupidity) ()

From Boing Boing, a little boy in Alabama recently shot and killed a wild hog weighing over 1000 pounds. The thing was more than nine feet long.


They’re making it into sausage. 700 pounds of sausage.

What the fucking hell.



  1. Emily said,

    That thing is absolutely horrifying.

  2. Daisy said,

    Yes it is.

    Can you believe they saw THAT and thought, “Tasty”?

  3. Andy said,

    He and his adult companions chased the animal for three hours killing it slowly with a pistol, despite having rifles. “Quite an accomplishment – I probably won’t kill anything that big again”.

    Wonder if this earned him extra credit at his “Christian Academy”.

  4. Daisy said,

    Murder is a family value!

  5. Tony said,

    This boar reminds me of the giant animals in Princess Mononoke, the ones complaining their kind was “growing small and stupid”. I would like to know how old it was, and whether there are more this size out there.

  6. eelke said,

    See something unique and kill it…. way to go… these people are a disgrace to humanity

  7. Drew said,

    Woah! Why would an animal so big run away?? She totally should have effing trampled that kid.

  8. foo said,

    I hope that little shit-stain is happy. it’s probably the only one of its kind (if it’s real).

  9. calan said,

    “Finished it off with a point-blank shot”? That’s ridiculous. THEN they cut down a bunch of trees so they could get the backhoe in there to get it out. Man, I bet he was really proud of himself, too. People are so stupid.

  10. Mill said,

    An 11 year old shooting a .50 caliber handgun? Poppa may as well have a bazooka.

    A .50 caliber rifle can shoot through a manhole cover. Kid must have the kung-fu grip.

  11. Tyler said,

    oh man that’s fucked up. I would have squewered it with a longsword or blasted it with a concussion wave from the tip of my staff

  12. Andrew said,

    this isn’t some malnutrient turkey, this is an extraordinary creature that would have never been seen or heard of if it wasn’t killed (it certainly couldn’t have been captured on the fly). They are using the meat for a fundamental purpose- quit your lock key knee jerk reactions- this is amazing

  13. Daisy said,

    They are using the meat for a fundamental purpose- quit your lock key knee jerk reactions- this is amazing

    What the hell are you talking about?

  14. themrs07 said,

    I smell photoshop.

  15. themrs07 said,

    Just clicked on a link that was left on the original article.


    Then read the negative commentary here:

    Amazing that people who condemn this sort of thing are acting NO better than the person(s) doing the killing of this boar.

    One of the comments: ”
    You’ve got a great career as a killer ahead of you! I hope that one day soon, you’ll decide to kill your father & then youself.”
    Nigel Clements San Francisco, CA

    Oh yes. That’s showing everyone, isn’t it!? *rolling eyes*

    People ARE INDEED, stupid.

  16. Josh said,

    Does this remind anyone else of Princess Mononoke? After seeing that film, I get really depressed seeing a “forest god” like that killed, or a giant catfish pulled from the Mekong river. Such a waste.
    (paraphrasing the kid) “I’ll probably never get the chance to kill anything that big again.” Let’s only hope.

  17. greenchile said,

  18. phenomenaonbreak said,

    It’s these redneck idiots that think killing something that’s rare will get them news coverage… Which I suppose it did. I hope more of these giant boars or whatever they are storm out of the woods and eats this kid. Looks like he could last for days.

  19. Emily said,

    Isaac, Mat, and Sandy…your comments were ignorant, rude, and did nothing to encourage anything like discussion. So, they’ve been deleted. If you wish to express your dissenting opinion in a more mature way which doesn’t involve name-calling and attempted personal offenses, go ahead and try again. Otherwise, don’t bother.

  20. Emily said,

    Actually, brutal killer, if by “pussies” you mean girls or women, yes, some of us are. So no, we’re not really even “shooting semen into toilet bowl.”

    Anyway, you should have taken a hint from the comment I left directly before you, you know, about comments that are ignorant, rude, and do nothing for actual discussion. Since you didn’t, your comments have been deleted as well.

    And also? I’ll GLADLY go hug a tree.

  21. Daisy said,

    Em, I’m just going to close comments on this thread. For the love of God.

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