Fiona Carswell’s Smoking Jacket

May 24, 2007 at 3:54 pm (art, neat things) (, )

The Smoking Jacket has a pair of “lungs” on the front that darken when smoke is blown into a one-way air valve in the collar.

From We Make Money Not Art:

I asked Fiona to explain me how it works: “When wearing the jacket, the smoker exhales cigarette smoke into a one-way air valve in the collar, trapping it in. The smoke is then channelled through some tubing to a pair of plastic lungs on the front of the jacket. Inside the lungs is air-filter material which darkens to a brownish stain after repeated exposure to smoke.

The lungs aren’t completely airtight, so the smoke will eventually seep out, allowing it to be used many times.”

So how did you get the idea? “My inspiration was not to change people, but to see if visceral, comic information displays could cause self-awareness and reflection in a way that literal, numerical displays can’t.

As it turned out, some smokers loved wearing the jacket, and wanted to wear it even when not smoking. However, as soon as it started to darken, that was the point at which there was a disconnect and they couldn’t reconcile feeling pride in something that other people thought was ‘gross’.”




  1. Barcelona’s Chiringuito » Archivo del weblog » Lo que se lleva said,

    […] CHAQUETA FUMADORA: Chaqueta diseñada con un un par de pulmones en su parte frontal. Al fumar y expulsar el humo del cigarrillo hacia su interior, los pulmones van ennegreciéndose gradualmente. Genial para campaña de guerrilla anti-tabaco. Vía ourdescent […]

  2. Steve Harold said,

    Wow, what an interesting idea and even more so the reaction from smokers when it started to darken.

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