The PB&J Campaign

May 20, 2007 at 10:15 am (neat things)

Stephanie just sent me a link to The PB&J Campaign

The next time you pack this all-American sandwich for lunch, you’re helping the environment and making a difference in animal welfare. You don’t have to change your whole diet to change the world. Just start with lunch.

They make a familiar case very concisely:

No matter what you eat – beef or barley, chicken or chickpeas, pork or peanut butter – all of it comes from plants.

We eat some of the plants directly – the barley, the chickpeas, the peanut butter – and we eat some of it converted by animals into meat, eggs, and milk.

Animals are inefficient. . . . Relatively little of what they eat ends up in what you eat because animals use their food to keep them alive . . . The result is that it takes several pounds of corn and soy to produce one pound of beef, or one pound of eggs, one pound of milk, etc. The same goes for protein, calories, or other nutrients.

For these reasons, according to the Campaign’s calculations, eating a PB&J sandwich for lunch saves about 2.5 pounds of CO2 over an animal-based meal like a tuna sanwich or grilled cheese — almost half of what one would save in a day of driving a hybrid vehicle. A PB&J saves about 3.5 pounds of emissions over a hamburger, and almost 300 gallons of water.

This a wonderful example of something very small anybody can do to have a big impact.



  1. frecklescassie said,

    I mostly eat cheese sandwiches and cucumbers at lunch. I thought that was better than a meat sandwich because the cow can keep producing more milk to make more cheese. But I guees PB&J on home-made bread from local flour is the best, right?

  2. Daisy said,

    Cheese is better than beef by a full pound of CO2.

    That would definitely be the best, but anything local is pretty damn good.


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