Servicewomen should have access to healthcare.

May 16, 2007 at 8:21 am (feminism, injustice, politics, sexism)

The US government denies basic healthcare to about 15% of all active-duty personell in our military. The female 15%, that is. (And more, too, but let’s focus on one terrible problem at a time.) Women cannot get abortions at military heathcare facilities, and, thanks to Bush’s anti-woman appointees, cannot get Plan B at base pharmacies.

The Compassionate Care for Servicewomen Act goes a long way in fixing this mess. It would require that emergency contraception be stocked at military treatment facilities.

You can contact your representatives and ask them to pass the bill.

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  1. YOUTHinkLeft » Servicewomen should have access to healthcare. said,

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  2. tommy49646 said,

    The military is not and should never be a place to get laid and kill babies.

  3. Daisy said,

    Thanks for that incredibily reductive and unenlightened comment, Tommy. Unfortunately, I have no interest in having the “abortion is baby killing!!” conversation ever again with anyone for the rest of my life.

    Any other comments along the same lines will be deleted, so please don’t post any — it would just waste your time and mine.

  4. saphire said,

    this is a patriarchal,anti woman country to begin with.And they never wanted women in the military. So if they can’t kick ya out for washing out or being gay,I guess mommy duty is the next best way.Not to mention that the govt. never gave two shits about our rights or issues,anyhow.
    Because birth control/abortions is a “christian” issue, I really think that is why they’re letting the millions of illegals stay and become citizens !! Think about it….. Most illegals are from Mexico……..(i.e.) Catholic………..(i.e.) “Right Wing” voters———————— Bush couldn’t run for re-election,but he could try to stack the deck for the next Republican, sneaky bastard !!!!!

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