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January 22, 2007 at 8:15 am (feminism, politics, proclamations, sexism)

The reason that I’m pro-choice is very different from the reasons of the vast, vast majority of my fellow pro-choicers.


I don’t know that I’ve ever actually told anyone, aside from maybe Emily, why I’m really pro-choice, it seems so bizarre. Maybe it’s not, but it’s nothing like what I’ve heard anyone else say.

I am %110 pro-choice, but I do think that abortion is murder. Not in the legal sense, obviously, but in terms of my own personal definition of muder-is-killing-another-human-period, it is. This is not to say that I equate an embryo with an already-born girl or woman — I absolutely don’t — or that I think abortion is in any sense comparable to the murder of an innocent person in cold blood, for purely sadistic reasons. As I said: I’m pro-choice.

I also think that abortion bans are rape. And they are. What else is a rape but the comandeering of a person’s body by another, for his own purposes?

So, abortion bans are rape and abortion is murder. This is a simple equation for me. I think rape is worse than murder, I always have.

It’s not worse in terms of the impact of the victim, obviously. But in terms of what kind of person you have to be to do it, rape is worse, and by a long-shot, too. This is because, using my defintion of murder, there are all kinds of circumstances in which I find “murder” to be perfectly acceptable. Self-defense is the obvious one, abortion is another, assisted suicide still another. There are many occasions upon which taking a human life is right and necessary, and even more in which it is, if not exactly justified, then at least understandable. As for rape, there is absolutely no situation wherein it makes any kind moral sense to violate another person like that. Rape is always, always wrong.

Emily and I talked about this once, bouncing circumstances off each other, trying to see if it could ever be possible for rape to seem okay (to us). To paraphrase…

Me (Daisy): This is really stretching it, but what if someone raped you and you were trying to get them back…?

Emily: Nooo.

In unison: It would make more sense to just murder them.



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