The Long Horse

December 1, 2006 at 11:51 pm (amazing things, art, frightening things)

I am so disturbed.

Maybe I should stop reading Boing Boing, as it often upsets me (and Emily, too).

Today, I’ve been informed about the (former) existence of the long horse


I can’t figure out whether this is for real or not, but apparently, a strange, exceptionally long breed of horse once roamed the earth. They could carry up to four people at a time and, like so many magestic things, they were used to death.

Check out this beautiful gallery of pictures of them. They’re all worth looking at.


Edit: I continue not to be able to figure out whether it’s real or not, and the commenters on this thread are not helping… Commenter kevo encourages us to compare this with that. Hmm.



  1. Emily said,

    I really don’t think that’s real. And if it was, it definitely wouldn’t be able to carry so many people, if any. Even horses that are basically normally sized but are a little bit long develop “sway back” (I think it’s called) and their backs arch severely, leaving them almost crippled. Plus, I think if these were real my dad would know about them and would have told me.

    But maybe that’s wishful thinking…

  2. Daisy said,

    I hope you’re right. I’m really upset about the idea of this horrifyingly long creature, worked to death and then forgotten… Ugh.

    And if you look closely at that first picture, those are preposterously long, right? I mean there’s no way.


    You should ask your parents.

  3. Emily said,

    I’ll ask. But for now I’d definitely assume they aren’t real.

  4. slayerboy said,

    The “Long Horse” is a fraud. First, take a look here:

    then here:

    They are the SAME images, only the one by Hardy Burmeier is photoshopped quite good.

    Now, if you’d like to know about some “real” amazing horses, check out: (Sampson, the supposedly tallest/largest horse in the world) (Belgian horses are some of the largest horses on earth) (Thumbelina, the worlds smallest horse)

    I know nothing about horses, but I was so curious about this I spent about an hour or so searching google and wikipedia, and foudn that the first picture was from the civil war and went on from there to find the real picture. No such thing as a “Long” horse.

  5. Daisy said,

    Thanks slayer, I’m sure you’re right. What a strange trick.

  6. mommasteph said,

    In the gallery – check out the long horse preceded by the long dog! What the hell is with the long dog?

    Must be an odd hoax!

  7. testsicles said,

    The doubters do not understand the significance of the exhibit. There was a direct effort to remove longhorses from antique pohotography as to kill the memory of how we sped their extinction. The artist here has restored photographs to their original state showing the long horse in its everyday setting.

    The person who says they are the SAME image has it backwards. The one featuring the normal horse is the one that was faked long ago. As the long horse population dwindled, people were embarassed to say they owned them and usualy kept them locked up in a barn. At least that’s what my grandfather told me.

  8. Annie said,

    I can say, with absolute certainty, that these photographs are fakes. On the first photo (of the horse jumping down the bank) you can see no girth (which is a strap that acts as a belt, that keeps the saddle in place) and with no girth the there is no way the rider could stay in place over a jump that height. On the second to last photo (in the linked set) the breed the of the horse leaping into the air is a lipizzaner. Lipizzaners were bread in Spain, and must be registered in order to be trained, in order to be able to perform a stunt like that. The point being, the Spanish Riding School would never register a horse that so clearly goes against the guidlines for the conformation of a lipizzaner.

  9. Emily said,

    Yeah. Thanks, Annie.

  10. testsicles said,

    Annie is obviously a mescaline addict.

  11. Emily said,

    Hey now, let’s not start throwing insults.

  12. sef said,


  13. vld said,

    OK. The long dog is a very good point. I should have instantly laughed at this, but actually considered this a possibility. Ha! If you have any experience with horses, you would know that physically this is not possible. It’s not possible to jump with horses of this length and not possible for the conformation of the animal to support the weight. It was fun while it lasted…

  14. timethief said,

    An interesting meme. As an experienced horse person I can say without the shadow of a doubt there has never been a “long horse”. :)

  15. the-long-horsexpe said,

    The Long Horse « Our Descent Into Madness

  16. the-long-horsexpe said,

  17. the-long-horsexpe said,

    The “Long Horse” is a fraud.

  18. Jaime said,

    “There was a direct effort to remove longhorses from antique pohotography…The one featuring the normal horse is the one that was faked long ago. ”

    How can any picture have been faked back then. They didn’t have computer programs to fix them up let alone computers.

  19. Long Horses - Extinct. Real Or Myth? - Horse Chat said,

    […] Found the answer, I think. The Long Horse Our Descent Into Madness […]

  20. Zano Turningpit said,

    The last long horses were scattered throughout japan at the end of WWII. By the early ’50’s they were extinct. The Union won the Civil War because of the long horse. Three men could ride one horse, compared to the Confederacy’s one person per horse plan. Many animal activists in the early 1900’s were embarrassed, however, as to how the Union overused and sometimes abused these creatures. Therefore, they tried to erase their existence from the history books. There has been small movements set up in rural Nebraska to make more people aware of these wonderful animals. None of the presidential candidates want this to become an issue because it’s very sensitive to some. I hope it becomes a debatable topic though :)

  21. Sam Mitchel said,

    That long dog is a german shepherd, I own 2 of them and was also a member of the GSDC for a few years and have never ever seen one that long and also the sway back that a normal horse gets as it ages can be bad enough but imagine how bad the sway back would be on a horse like this, there’s no way these horses could have as straight backs as they do if they were real carrying so many people. You see when a person rides a horse the weight is distributed on the wither and first half of the horses backand the girth is tied just behind the front legs, if the saddle were further back then the horse would most definately develop back problems. I agree with timetheif I too am an experienced horse preson having ridden and been around and trained horses for 30 years and i’ve never heard of such a thing. so what gives? also Annie is right the head on that grey is most deffinately a Lippizaner doing a capriole, I have been on a horse that has perfomed this move and firstly the horse rounds itself off and crouches down, raising its forehand right up and then uses it’s powerful hind quaters to propelle itself into the air, there is no way in hell that a horse that long in the body could do this it could not balance itself properly and as for the pic of the horse with it’s forelegs at the bottom of the cliff and it’s hind legs at the top, wel i’m not even going to begin to tell you what is wrong with that shot, it is obviously a fraud.

  22. Sam Mitchel said,

    Also FYI why do all the saddles look the same?

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